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Brett Bukowski

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

I’m an experienced, product-focused engineer looking to learn and grow. I want to help build a product where a clear vision and a talented group of people executing on that vision produces software that helps millions of people. I’m looking to continue to grow as a team lead—developing mentorship and teaching skills and identifying ways to share my experience with others.


Work Experience

2017 - Present


San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

I had the opportunity to work on several teams and lead a number of impactful, user-facing projects.

  • One of three engineers to build group payments into the Airbnb booking flow.
    • Built the co-traveler management and payment management pages on the Airbnb website
    • Implemented the payment plan booking flow and payment management screens within the iOS app
    • Learned Android development while building the payment plan booking flow and payment management screens within the Android app
  • Led Resy integration efforts
    • Implemented the ability to modify restaurant reservations (backend, web, iOS, Android)
    • Contributed to other product enhancements and bug fixes via backend, web, iOS, Android
  • Lead and sole engineer on Place detail page revamp effort
    • Web, iOS, Android
  • Lead and sole engineer of modernization and rewrite effort of the Things to Do product
    • Backend, web
  • Successfully managed two interns, resulting in return offers and subsequent full-time hires
  • Served as tech lead: scoping projects, contributing to team planning, mentoring junior engineers, bug triage lead, mobile POC for the team
2015 - 2017


San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer

I had the opportunity to serve as a core member on three different teams at this fast-moving startup.

  • Built a number of high-impact commerce features in the iOS app.
    • Ticket checkin w/ QR code scanner
    • Marketing promotion feature
    • Referral sales system
  • Refactored a big portion of the iOS codebase from Objective-C to Swift and drove the Swift 3.0 migration.
  • Developed growth-driving features on the website and within the Tilt iOS app.
    • Mobile app promotion banner and splash page on the website
    • In-app promotional popup targeting specific user cohorts
    • A/B experiment testing conversion rates for new homepage designs
  • Driving an effort to reduce massive technical debt, refactored an antiquated campaign organizer dashboard into a React-driven app with a modern UI.
  • Built-out and maintained an internal admin Rails app that employees use for customer support.
  • Working with the growth team, built a Rails-based ambassador website where brand ambassadors can view leaderboards and track their stats.
  • Worked with the CEO and Director of Growth to build a Rails-based internal portal for employee resources.
  • Served as an internship program mentor and participated in recruiting efforts on several university campuses.
2008 - 2015

RightNow Technologies, Oracle

Bozeman, MT
Acquired by Oracle, 2012
Web Engineer

Lead member on a team that built a web platform powering many Fortune 500 company customer support websites. This product was a hosted, PHP-based application framework that provided a rich set of UI widgets for building support features.

  • Built developer-facing framework APIs in PHP and JavaScript.
  • Made enduser-facing features comprised of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS components.
  • Communicated with customers and platform developers via web forums.
  • 4-time RightNow-Oracle development hackathon winner (1 solo, 3 team).
  • Built and maintained several internal, standalone web apps and other internal tools as part of 20% time.
  • Gave multiple talks at developer conferences (2010 & 2011 RightNow Developers Conference) and several talks internal to the organization.

Volunteer Work

Basil Labs

Ongoing volunteer work helping to provide technical expertise to nonprofit organizations.


Montana State University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
May 2008


  • Ruby
  • JS/TS
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • Go
  • Python
  • C#
  • Perl

Experience with the following frameworks and technologies
  • iOS - UIKit
  • Rails, Sinatra
  • React, Backbone, AngularJS
  • Express
  • Apache, Nginx
  • MySQL, Postgres
  • Redis, memcached
  • MongoDB, CouchDB
  • LESS, SASS, vanilla CSS
Areas of Expertise

Adept at building iOS applications using tools like:

  • UIKit libraries
  • Autolayout
  • Cocoapods
  • Unit tests and functional testing (Calabash)
  • Libraries like AFNetworking, Snapkit, etc.

Highly-skilled in front-end web development techniques such as:

  • Modern JavaScript applications
  • CSS (CSS3 as well as preprocessor frameworks)
  • HTML5 elements and modern browser APIs
  • Web page accessibility (supporting JAWS and Voiceover screen readers)
  • Responsive web design as well as websites designed specifically for mobile devices

I would love to work with you.

So let's talk!